At August, we advocate for a series of simple practices that you can use today to change the way your teams make decisions and collaborate. These practices are designed to seed a change in working mindsets, such as having a bias to action. In honor of this, we encourage you to try out one of these practices in your next team meeting. It's totally safe to try!


Rounds are a structured form of discussion designed to systematically prompt participants to bring facts, opinions, and perspectives to the surface. Additionally, the Rounds practice ensures that we incorporate more voices into the decisions we make.

    Below is a list of several different types of Rounds you can pick and choose from. You might use just one, or several, of these depending on the meeting purpose.


    Facilitation Tips:

    • Before you try a Round with a team for the first time, it's important to explain why this practice is helpful. Here's a short script you can use to provide context for the practice:

    "Too often, meetings are dominated by the most senior leaders, the loudest extroverts, and people who are best at thinking on their feet. Rounds is a technique we use to structure discussions and gather input from everybody in the room. Rounds move the conversation forward in an ordered, purpose-driven way, helping us avoid rabbit holes and tedious back-and-forths between two people. They ensure that every voice is heard, and that all perspectives are represented equally, and that decisions can be made with a more holistic perspective on any issue."

    • Name the first person to start the round, and then clearly and directly repeat the question to them as it appears on the card above.
    • When doing multiple Rounds in a meeting, start with a different person each time.