Responsive Organization Development


Responsive Organization Development

Why We exist

In today's uncertain world, your team's success depends on your ability to learn, and adapt together.

We help you to change yourself fast enough to keep up with the changes around you.

Scaling Self-Organization

Your fast-growing startup’s success has been built on purpose, speed, and agility. But you’ve adopted this way of working mostly by instinct, not by design – and board members are likely to recommend outdated tactics from the 20th century as you attempt to succeed in the 21st century. As you look toward your next phase of growth, August can help design and implement an adaptive operating model that fuels your purpose, sustains your speed, and increases your agility as you scale.

Leading Culture Change

Culture is an essential factor in how your organization performs. And changing the deeply held values, beliefs, and behaviors that define your culture can be a monumental task. August helps you translate your vision into new mental models, operating principles, and social habits that drive sustainable change. We seed and spread this change through coaching, customized curriculum, and immersive workshops.

Organizational (Re)Design

Formal and infrequent “re-orgs” are a painful and loathed part of organizational transformation. They are often driven by politics and shaped by the least-objectionable consensus. August helps organizations hack the matrix and distribute authority by building autonomous cross-disciplinary teams and implementing decision-making processes that enable the organization to continually change its shape in response to the emergent needs of customers and employees.

The Responsive C-Suite

At best senior leadership teams spend so little time together that they barely feel like a true team at all; at worst, they can be misaligned and highly dysfunctional. August helps senior leadership teams find flow, and to focus on the decisions and action that matter most to the organization’s purpose and strategy, setting an example for the rest of the business.

Performance Development

Traditional approaches to employee reviews, career-pathing, and performance management are optimized for predictability and execution. In an increasingly unpredictable market, these methods inhibit the organization’s ability to learn and evolve. August analyzes existing systems through the lens of creating more agile and adaptive organizations, and designs performance development processes that reward and drive learning behavior and an experimental mindset.

Agile Strategic Planning

In an uncertain world long-term plans begin to lose their value the moment they’re finished. And the longer you spend refining and perfecting your plan, the more likely it is to be outdated by the time it’s complete. August works with leadership teams to rapidly uncover deep insights about their business performance, define a north star to guide their way forward, and sprint towards minimally viable strategic plans that can be quickly tested, validated, and evolved in response to the changing needs of customers and stakeholders.


Our Services

Our Services

Vision & Strategy

Truly capable teams are built on a strong foundation. August works with ambitious leadership teams to forge alignment on the organization’s guiding purpose and vision – and sprints to define strategies that empower its teams to make autonomous, yet tightly-aligned decisions.

Organizational Change

As leadership teams align on a desired future, they’re often confronted with the reality that their organization’s existing structure and operating model is holding them back. We design and build 21st century teams, and coach them to embrace new and more responsive ways of working.

Talent & Network

Today’s most disruptive organizations challenge common definitions of human capital. By coupling a compelling purpose with an open architecture, they attract a diverse range of A-players to almost any problem. We design teams for the network, ensuring a future built by stunning talent – from within & beyond your team.


How We Work

How We Work

Sustainable Change

Empowered Teams

Our work deliberately breaks down the traditional command-and-control dynamic within our clients’ organizations. It is critical to our work that our senior-most sponsors support and model this change, and empower their teams to work with greater speed and autonomy.

Embedded Partners

Changing how people work together requires a high degree of empathy and agility. Over time, our approach has led us to eradicate the boundaries of typical consulting relationships. We work side-by-side with our clients, leading change and building capacity through coaching and daily practice.

Iterative Change

There is no standard, one-size-fits-all model that works for all teams. Each culture presents its own levers for change, as well as its own antibodies. We sprint to define the best opportunities to seed our change effort, engage all employees in a participatory process to ‘edit’ their organization, and scale what works.


100% allocation

Suited for small to mid-size change programs, and narrowly focused initiative


100% allocation

Suited for larger change programs, and broader initiatives

Multiple Teams

100% allocation

Combine multiple 2-person and 3-person teams simultaneously to scale change across divisions and business units

Structuring Projects

After years of modeling traditional consulting, we became convinced there was a better way to structure our work – and then invented it. Some clients refer to our approach as ‘agile strategy’. Here’s how it works:

We deliver all of our work in 4-week cycles.