Our Work In Public


Our Public Google drive (which includes our finances, compensation model, interview process, legal documents and our original theory & work) is embedded below for you to check out. We hope you will copy/paste the stuff you like, and iterate and improve on what we’ve done. Let us know when you do!

We make this publicly available because:

  • We believe that our work is helped by making as much information as we can easily accessible to others who might share our purpose.
  • We coach project stakeholders at our clients to comment on and suggest edits to work while it is in progress. By giving guidance along the way, team members can course correct ahead of grand reveals that may otherwise be completely off target. 
  • We believe that sharing our compensation model will drastically decrease the likelihood that implicit or explicit biases — based on gender, race, or any other difference — will create unfair differences in what our members earn. 
  • We believe that a team’s ability to learn and adapt quickly depends on its access to relevant data. Our team members are able to make business decisions autonomously because they have all the financial information that they need to hand. 
  • We hope to plant a seed for other organizations who are considering similar approaches. We hope that they will take this, adapt and change it, and share what they learn.


Our entire organization structure, including roles, policies and teams is captured in Glassfrog.

Our Public Drive