Without August, we would lack the ability to compete at our best in a fast-paced environment.
— Simon Lowden, President & CMO - Global Snacks & Global Insights, PepsiCo

A new approach for a new world. 

In nearly every organization today, the command-and-control approach of the 20th century is actively hindering people’s ability to work together to do great things.

We believe that a new approach is needed.

August is a new kind of consulting company designed for a world where constant change, complexity, and uncertainty are the new normal. August’s approach helps organizations optimize for uncertainty by emphasizing agility and experimentation.

By co-developing and scaling a tailored playbook of practices, behaviors, and structures, our clients enhance their ability to sense and respond quickly to changes, challenges, and opportunities in their market.

Focus Areas

  • Org Development
  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning & Training
  • Innovation

Transformational Results From Our Work

A recent survey of teams within one of our client organizations demonstrated meaningful impact after just 12 weeks.