August is a new kind of consulting company that believes the world’s most valuable work depends on teams who work together as people, not as business robots. The reason why we exist is to unlock this potential, and create capable teams for every meaningful mission in the world.

To do this, we work with leaders of some of the world's largest corporations to transform the way their organizations operate. Our work helps organizations thrive by embracing transparency,  learning, and inclusion as critical drivers of long-term success, rather than being viewed as idealistic aspirations (or not valued at all).

We believe that the world's largest corporations and influential institutions are a powerful lever for positive change. Through our partnerships with these organizations we aim to influence the future of work and the world for the better.

If this work sounds meaningful to you: we are currently looking for people to join our teams in NYC and London who share our excitement about the future of work and our passion for improving how organizations empower their people to do amazing things together.

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