August isn't like other consultancies. What we deliver isn’t a document or presentation - we’re going to bring real, positive working practices that your team can implement from day one.

We’ll bring transparency in decision-making and project management systems and train your teams on efficient, clear, safe ways to communicate. We also work with leadership to create the space for your teams to become autonomous, self-organizing, and multi-disciplinary. We’ll help you facilitate better, shorter, incredibly productive meetings. We run workshops to understand and synthesize your team’s problem areas and introduce specific working practices that address those issues.

We cut meetings. We minimize email. We remove silos. In their place, we enable collaboration, we define purpose, and we see joy. When we leave, your teams will be fully empowered and equipped to continue this new way of working.

We’ve even built agility into the way that you work with us: we scope and deliver our work in four-week cycles, giving you the flexibility to purchase as many or as few cycles as meets your needs and budget.