Sustainable Change

Empowered Teams

Our work deliberately breaks down the traditional command-and-control dynamic within our clients’ organizations. It is critical to our work that our senior-most sponsors support and model this change, and empower their teams to work with greater speed and autonomy.

Embedded Partners

Changing how people work together requires a high degree of empathy and agility. Over time, our approach has led us to eradicate the boundaries of typical consulting relationships. We work side-by-side with our clients, leading change and building capacity through coaching and daily practice.

Iterative Change

There is no standard, one-size-fits-all model that works for all teams. Each culture presents its own levers for change, as well as its own antibodies. We sprint to define the best opportunities to seed our change effort, engage all employees in a participatory process to ‘edit’ their organization, and scale what works.


100% allocation

Suited for small to mid-size change programs, and narrowly focused initiative


100% allocation

Suited for larger change programs, and broader initiatives

Multiple Teams

100% allocation

Combine multiple 2-person and 3-person teams simultaneously to scale change across divisions and business units

Structuring Projects

After years of modeling traditional consulting, we became convinced there was a better way to structure our work – and then invented it. Some clients refer to our approach as ‘agile strategy’. Here’s how it works:

We deliver all of our work in 4-week cycles.