"August has been an amazing partner and this work is fabulous.”

"The last session was so energizing. It didn't take anything – it actually left me with more energy.”



"I’m really aligned with their vision of organizations for the future, and find their methods really powerful."

"I used to work at P&G and their operating model was optimized for efficiency –  which I think is starting to work to their disadvantage. I think what Responsive has proven is that there is a growing need for a new operating model here. The matrix is starting to hold us back.”

"Having been around for 20 years I can really see how this approach is far more relevant than previous hierarchical structures. We’re still hindered by outdated command and control  mentality with power struggles and egos all playing their part. My current experiences have demonstrated that using Responsive is key to unlocking the change we need.”



“This is such a big, big gift. People are really going to need it.”


“The story of [client] and the genesis of Responsive is spine-tinglingly amazing.  It restores my faith in us.”


“This is what I dreamed of getting. It’s made a demonstrable difference to our work life balance.”


“Working in this way re-energized and re-engaged me at a moment when I was feeling pretty checked out”


“I feel like I work at a world-class company again.”



“The adaptivity of this team is amazing.”

“This has been an huge capability build for us and has made a huge impact on the business.”

“In six weeks, we accomplished what used to take us two years.”

“We had major breakthroughs with our LT, and 100% consensus that Responsive is what we've been missing.”

“We used to do 1 project in 18 months, and it wasn’t that innovative. Now we do 6 projects in 6 months, and they’re all amazing.”        

“In 2 weeks, I have solved the productivity problem I have had my entire 20 year career. We are doing much more, and I don’t have to be involved in everything. You told me this would happen, and I didn’t believe you – but it has happened in just two weeks. It is an actual miracle.”