A household-name tech compaby has recently launched a new mission and is in the process of articulating related product principles and a new organizational vision to help bring this mission to life. They came to us as expert practitioners on 21st century ways of working to help them operationalize their new mission via a set of clearly defined operating principles and practices, and to provide the foundation for both external thought leadership and drive internal change.

In December 2017, we partnered with this organization's Strategy and Insights team to articulate a set of core operating principles for their business and product suite, including a series of online experiments to test and validate these principles and practices within a set of core Dropbox users in the form of a “Ways of Working Think Tank.” These principles were refined via stakeholder interviews across the organization and then presented via a final “pitch” to leaders across the organization, including the CMO.

Today, we continue to partner with Strategy and Insights to launch the think tank and are also preparing to launch internal change efforts to help bring the new mission to life.