The U.S. digital organization of a global fashion brand was in a point of crisis and  transition, due to key leadership changes, lack of felt autonomy from the global org, and rising disengagement across the function. The lack of a clear structure also was impeding the ability of the US leadership team to move forward important strategic priorities. The US President and head of HR brought in August to jumpstart the design and rollout of a new organizational structure. 

We started by organizing a pilot team of key team members across the US organization around the shared mission, including representatives from the digital org elected by their peers. We then led the team through a participatory organizational redesign process which took both a “top down” and “bottom up” approach in engaging key stakeholders to inform not only an initial set of recommendations but also a sustainable, iterative structure for how the new org structure will be implemented and evolve on a regular cadence according to changing data and needs over time. 

The new proposed structures were approved by the US President and greater leadership and rolled out in December 2017. 


Leadership has opened themselves up to hear from others and work differently. I think our pilot and many others showed what could be done. It's up to the Pilot team members to now take this further: Teach the ways to others, introduce new tools, and make all part of this change.


  • Executive Director, Development Pilot Team Lead