“August is different. Other consultants have tried – all were flashes in the pan. When I first experienced August a year ago,I knew it was different. A year later, I hear about August and Responsive everywhere. What you're doing has managed to stick, and spread.”

– Director of Fashion Operations

How we worked with a Major Fashion Brand 

The leadership was engaged from the start of our transformation journey and focused on their own change at the very top of the brand. The global executive team agreed to using new ways of working, brought in by August, to decide on and commit to their strategic priorities for the next 3 years.

We then enabled this change across the org – starting with priority shifts in performance management, marketing, operations and e-commerce. We engaged employees across the organization and trained a core group of 60+ managers as coaches to spread new ways of working across the US.

Today, these managers continue to bring these practices into their teams - and we’re now focusing our efforts on transforming finance and IT – arming an internal consulting team with new ways of working to drive change across the entire global function.

"I am personally feeling much more clear about our purpose, how we can more effectively work together, and most importantly, how we can create impact for the organization." SVP People Development

"for the first time, we're not working in silos anymore..." Team member